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The upcoming All-State audition will include three eight measure examples followed by a 16 measure SATB block and contrapuntal example. 

The single line examples gradually increase in difficulty and must be completed within the 40 seconds per line after a 15 second study period. 

The SATB block and contrapuntal is to be completed with a recording of the three other vocal parts with the auditioning student performing their own part. There is a 25 second study period before the example begins. The example may be performed on a neutral syllable, solfege or written lyric. 

Select the year to find all resources for the sight singing audition: 
•Single Line PDF    • Block and Contrapuntal PDF    •SATB individual audition track

2023    2022    2021
*2021 - different format - online auditions only per COVID policies
2020    2019    2018

*1996-2008 audition documents reflect an outdated format containing only five measures in the single line examples and two block and contrapuntal attempts. 
*There are no PDFs for 2000,1999 or 1996. There are no recordings for 2008 at this time.
We are missing resources for 2013.
Please email the ACE President if you have any copies of the missing resources. 



*no resources at this time for 2013

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