Audition excerpts and festival information provided from directors and clinicians to ensure a successful experience at our Jazz Choir Festival.


All-State Jazz Choir Audition Recording Requirements

  1. Recordings not following these instructions exactly will not be scored.

  2. Teachers must facilitate audition recordings. Uploads clearly recorded by students alone

    will not be scored.

  3. Recordings must use and follow the audition guide tracks sent from ACE.

  4. Recordings must be video recorded, and include the singer’s entire body.

  5. Long hair must be tied back with both ears clearly visible.

  6. Audio must be loud enough to be clearly judged by the adjudicator.

General Information

  • There are 3 separate files to be recorded, one each for the major/chromatic scales and the audition excerpt.

  • The Opus platform is the same as was used for Regionals/All-State last year, but we will not be using the live recording option, due to concerns from judges about sound quality.

  • Each singer/director will record the three parts separately using whatever technology they prefer.

  • After all three sections are recorded, each video file will be uploaded to the singer’s application in Opus.

  • See accompanying video if needed.

  • Phones, computers, and video cameras are all acceptable recording devices and generally deliver good audio quality. The Opus platform will automatically convert most file formats. Judges will be instructed to ignore recording quality, but please do your best to make it as good as possible.

  • The upload file size limit is 1 GB. This is more than adequate to cover recordings on most devices.

  • When uploading, the audio tends to appear first, and the video appears later. Check back on each student’s application to make sure all files uploaded correctly


Recording Process

  1. The student will stand framed in the shot. The teacher will start playback of the audition track for that student’s voice part. We recommend playing the track on a different device than the one used to record.

  2. The track will guide the teacher when to begin video recording for the major scale.

  3. The track will give the student’s starting pitch, then 8 metronome clicks. The student has

    the requisite amount of time on the track to complete the scale.

  4. At the end of the scale, the track will guide the teacher to stop recording, and save the

    video for future upload.

  5. The teacher should pause the audio track until they are ready to proceed.

  6. The track will then repeat the process for the chromatic scale and audition excerpt, each

    time guiding the teacher when to begin/end recording and the student.

  7. Audition uploads are due on Friday October 22, and can be completed anytime between

    now and then.

ACE HANDBOOK 2021-2022

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Please review to understand the scoring of the audition

Please review to understand the scoring of the audition